Institutional Buyers, Chefs & Retailers

 I Am Ready to Place An Order. Now What Do I Do?*

  1. Hooray! Let’s get started. First, contact HAFA’s Food Director to make sure you has received all of our documents for your accounting system. We will be invoicing you after every delivery and will expect prompt payment.
  2. Identify what items you’re interested in purchasing and be aware an order has to be placed by Tuesday noon in order to be delivered by that following Friday.
  3. Give specifications on what product you wish to order, what quantity, and how you prefer it to be packaged if different from our guidelines

a.  For example: Rhubarb, 15 lb, trimmed leaves, and 20” long in 5/9 bushel box

  1. Be aware there is a $200 dollar minimum order policy. If your order does not exceed the minimum order policy there will be a delivery charge of $25.
  2. Please specify exact delivery location, receiving person and additional details to make it seamless (i.e. east loading dock on Marshall Ave, talk to Larry Page).

*We highly encourage that buyers place seasonal orders before February 10th to ensure availability of products for you and to secure markets for our farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do HAFA farmers grow?

A: Our farmers grow over 160 varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. For more specific information please refer to the sales and availability list.

Q: Can I place an order before the growing season?

A: Yes! In fact we prefer that you let us know before February 10th! That week we will be letting our farmers know what to plant for the upcoming season. Planning ahead is always better and gives market security for our farmers and ensures availability for you.

Q: Are your farmers certified organic?

A: At this time, none of our farmers are Certified Organic. However, our farmers engage in sustainable agricultural practices including poly-cropping, inter-cropping, successive planting, farming on the contour, using cover crops, and many other arrays of practices. Our farmers also keep beehives on the farm. We are committed to sustainable practices.

Q: Do you have a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A: Yes, HAFA has a $4 million liability insurance policy.

Q: How do I receive a weekly availability list?

A: You may sign up to receive a weekly availability list by emailing Yao Yang, HAFA Food Hub Director, at

Q: Who else buys your produce?

A: The HAFA food hub has been selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers throughout the metropolitan area since 2012. We sell to: Lunds & Byerlys, Mississippi Market Coop, Seward Coop, Ward6, Birchwood Café, Common Roots Café, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools, Hopkins Public Schools, Shakopee Public Schools, Ramsey and Washington Head Start, The Good Acre, and more! We also run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at 14 locations throughout the metropolitan area. 2017 CSA sites include: Minneapolis City Hall, Washburn Center for Children, Fairview Health Services, Mississippi Market Coop, and YMCA West St. Paul.