Buy a Thanksgiving Share


The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) and ArtCrop are pleased to bring you both food and art in this year’s Thanksgiving CSA share. In addition to fresh produce and a turkey from Ferndale Farm (if you choose), this year, your Thanksgiving CSA box will include a unique piece of artwork (artist choice) specially crafted by ArtCrop artist, Oskar Ly, as part of the culmination of her summer artist-in-residence at the HAFA Farm.

Oskar and the ArtCrop artist team spent the summer listening to Hmong farmers, recording their stories, and designing a community mural to reflect what they heard. That mural will be painted on the old corn silo located on the western parcel of the HAFA Farm on Friday October 6. Moreover, the artist-in-residence experience inspired Oskar to create pieces of art that evoke elements of harvest time and the Hmong New Year celebration which traditionally coincides with Thanksgiving. Together art and food forges a profound tribute to community and culture.

Who is Oskar Ly?

Oskar is a queer Hmong French American multi-disciplinary artist, organizer and creative cultural producer based in the Twin Cities, MN and the founder of ArtCrop. To create her artwork for the HAFA Thanksgiving share, Oskar will be using raw materials sourced from Red Green Rivers, a Twin Cities based, Hmong women owned social enterprise. Red Green Rivers also sources from small scale artists and makers based in Southeast Asia. To learn more about ArtCrop and Oskar‘s project, click here.

What is ArtCrop?

ArtCrop is a project founded by Oskar Ly. Just as traditional CSA shares are used by community members to support local and small scale farmers, similarly, ArtCrop riffs on the idea of CSAs to support local, small scale artists. As part of ArtCrop, Hmong artists hold a summer residency where they learn about Hmong farmers, lift up their stories, and create a community project and art creations. In this way, the artists are truly living their creativity within their relationship with the farmers. More specifically, ArtCrop is the first pairing of art created by a Hmong artist with produce grown by Hmong farmers. This promises an even richer Hmong cultural experience.