CSA Policies

Philosophy — Community supported agriculture (CSA) reflects a special relationship between a farmer and a consumer. Under the CSA model, subscribers pay in advance for a share of fresh produce they will receive in the future, thereby, reducing the present risk the local farmer takes to plant, tend, and harvest the future fresh produce. In short, the HAFA CSA is not a food delivery service, but rather a social contract rooted in community, mutuality and stewardship for the land and the local economy. These tenants of community, mutuality and stewardship are also main pillars of the community wealth building movement. So this is what you have signed up when you join the HAFA CSA: an opportunity to build wealth in your community.

Signing Up — When you sign up for the HAFA CSA on the HAFA website, you will be directed to create a secure online membership profile in Farmigo CSA. This software program is attached to our website and is secured by Authorize.net. None of your personal information will be shared with any additional party. This program will also display your share options, your pick-up location and your account activities. You can view and edit your account; change your pickup location, credit card information or password; and even place a vacation or suspension hold anytime, simply by signing into your account on the HAFA website.

Deadlines — Because the HAFA CSA needs to finalize logistics and operations to prepare for the growing season, each CSA share (Spring, Summer, Flower, Fall and Thanksgiving) has a respective sign up deadline. In special circumstances, subscribers may sign up for a share after the posted deadline (listed below), but the cost of their share will be subjected to a late fee (between $20 or $50) depending on the date.

  • Spring Share: Signup Deadline: March 31, 2017
  • Summer and Flower Share: Signup Deadline: June 7, 2017
  • Fall Share: Signup Deadline: July 30, 2017
  • Thanksgiving Share: Signup Deadline: November 1, 2017

Payments — Paying for the HAFA CSA is easy. Once you have signed up on the HAFA website, you will be offered two options to pay for your share(s): through a check you send in the mail or online via Paypal. If you decide to pay for your share(s) with a check (which is our preferred method), please send the check to: The Hmong American Farmers Association 941 Lafond Avenue Suite 100 Saint Paul, MN 55104 Memo Line – 2017 CSA Share If you decide to pay for your share(s) online, simply click on the online option. The webpage will automatically direct you to Paypal where you can fill out a form and pay with your credit card. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive a confirmation email. Because Paypal charges a fee, online payments will have an additional fee attached.

Bulk Purchases — During the growing season, farmers may have surplus amounts of any one item (basil, tomatoes, or potatoes). When this occurs, we will alert our subscribers about these bulk purchases via our weekly newsletter and on our CSA website. Subscribers may make bulk purchases by going to our CSA website, logging into their CSA account (Farmigo CSA), and adding-on those sales. Please place all add-on orders by Sunday at 3pm to receive the order with your CSA share that following Wednesday or Thursday.

Picking Up Your Share — The HAFA CSA is designed to make your pickup easy. Simply go to your designated pickup location on your designated day (Wednesday or Thursday) and retrieve your box of produce. There will be a weekly sign-off sheet next to all the CSA boxes. When you have retrieved your CSA box, please check off your name on this list. All CSA boxes will be labeled with a subscriber’s LAST and FIRST NAME. We ask that members only take boxes that clearly have their names on them. Bring along a bag to place your fresh produce in and leave the folded up CSA box at the pickup location for HAFA to retrieve. Every CSA location is laid out a bit differently and may have additional policies of its own, so if you have questions please contact your host site. If you forget your bag, no worries, just bring your CSA box home, but don’t forget to return it to the pickup location before the end of the week.

Returning Your Box — In order to reduce waste and overhead expenses, please return your CSA box to your pickup location before your next pickup date. We recommend that you do not take your box with you, if possible, to avoid forgetting to return it. There will be a charge of $5 for every box that is not returned. Please return your boxes.

Split Share — You may purchase a half share or make private arrangements to split a full share with someone else. You are welcome to make your own arrangements. Just make sure you sign up with one name and decide amongst yourselves who will pick up the CSA box and how you will split it. You can alert us who the other person is, if you wish, in case we get correspondence from that person too. Just contact Yao Yang at yao@hmongfarmers.com.

Missed Pickup — If you know you are unable to pick up your share, you can arrange for a friend to pick it up for you or schedule a vacation hold. Site hosts are not responsible for your shares, so please let us know ahead of time. If you do miss your pickup, it is up to each CSA site to decide how to handle the box: it may be donated, taken home by another staff or composted. Ask your site host to learn your site’s policies.

Changing Your Pickup Location — If you want to change your pickup location you can do so with your online account on the HAFA CSA webpage. You will need to log into your account and choose your new location. Please note that many sites are only open to employees (PRIVATE) and may not allow access to the general public. If you have questions about picking up at a site, please contact HAFA staff or the site host for that location. All site changes must be submitted by Sunday at 3pm before the following Wednesday or Thursday you wish the site change to occur.

Vacation and Suspension Holds — You may place a hold on your CSA delivery by using your online account. This will alert us to NOT pack a box for you that week. Please do this by Sunday at 3pm before the week you will be on vacation. You can choose to donate your share, or receive an additional share upon your return. The easiest solution may be to simply arrange with a friend to pick up your share.

Communications — HAFA staff will need to be in contact with you regularly leading up to and during the CSA season. These communications may include important payment requests or notifications about site changes. As a member of our CSA, you are agreeing to open and read all email communications in a timely manner, as much of the information may be time sensitive.

Refund and Cancellations — (2017 Updated Policy) You may cancel your CSA subscription at any time. Please note that cancellation requests made after Sunday at 3pm will not be applied until the following week. To cancel your share, please email our Food Hub Director, Yao Yang, at yao@hmongfarmers.com and include “CANCEL CSA” in the subject line. You can also call the office at 651-493-8091. Cancellations made one month prior to the CSA start date will be honored with a full refund (minus the electronic processing fee for electronic payments only). Cancellations made within a month of the start date will be refunded at half the cost plus a cancellation fee of $25.00. Once the CSA has started, cancellations may be made but they will not be refunded.

  • Spring Share Starts: May 17, 2017
  • Summer and Flower Shares Start: June 21, 2017
  • Fall Share Starts: September 27, 2017
  • Thanksgiving Share Starts: November 17, 2017

Privacy Policy — We do not sell, rent or give out our email list, customer list or any personal/financial information to any outside parties.

Our Guarantee — HAFA guarantees the quality and freshness of our produce and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We welcome your comments and inputs on how we can continuously improve our overall service. Please contact Yao Yang or Gabrielle Robinson-Bajuscik at 651-493-8091 or email us at yao@hmongfarmers.com or gabrielle@hmongfarmers.com.

Thank You! — Your membership in the HAFA CSA reflects your commitment to supporting your local immigrant farmers and growing community wealth. Thank you.