CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do HAFA farmers grow?

A: Our farmers grow over 160 varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Many of their produce are also sold at various farmers markets throughout the metropolitan area.

Q: Are HAFA farmers certified organic?

A: At this time, none of our farmers are Certified Organic. However, our farmers engage in robust sustainable agricultural practices including poly-cropping, inter-cropping, successive planting, farming on the contour, using cover crops, and many other labor-intensive, natural methods of farming. Our farmers also keep 12 beehives on the farm. While we fully support the tenants espoused in organic farming, one of the main reasons why our farmers are not certified is because of land access. Organic certification requires at least three years of the land to be farmed organically before it can even be considered for certification. Up until the creation of the HAFA Farm, many of our farmers were on year to year leases and did not have any land security. Moreover, to become certified, it requires a lot of English literacy and financial investments and many of our farmers have low English proficiency. But even if they were interested, learning how would be very difficult without culturally and language appropriate training and technical assistance.

Q: If I am going on vacation, can I place my share on hold?

A: When you sign up for the HAFA CSA, you created an account on our website with Farmigo CSA. By logging into the account, you can view and edit your account; change your pickup location, credit card information or password; and even place a vacation or suspension hold anytime.

Q: I am not happy with a product, what can I do?

A: If you receive product that you believe is sub-par in quality, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will try to remedy the problem or give you a credit. You can contact the Food Hub Director, Yao Yang, at yao@hmongfarmers.com or call her at 651-329-1341.

Q: Can I place a bulk purchase during the growing season?

A: During the growing season, farmers may have surplus amounts of any one item (basil, tomatoes, or potatoes). When this occurs, we will alert our CSA members about via our weekly newsletter and on our CSA website. Subscribers may make bulk purchases by going to our CSA website, logging into their CSA account (Farmigo CSA), and adding-on those sales.

Q: Where do I go to pick up my CSA box?

A: As we get closer to the start date of the CSA, you will receive an email from the HAFA CSA with specific details about where to pick up your box.

Q: What time will the CSA box be here?

A: 2017 CSA boxes will be picked up from the HAFA Farm on Wednesday or Thursday morning and delivered to the various drop-off sites throughout the metropolitan area. Once the delivery route is finalized, more information will be sent to you. Suffice to say, the pickup times will fall within a regular working day.

Q: Do the CSA boxes come every week?

A: Depending on which share you sign up for, or if you signed up for all 27 weeks, CSA deliveries are made weekly except for the Thanksgiving Share which is a one-time pickup.

Q: Does everyone get the same things in the CSA boxes?

A: Everyone will receive the same items in their CSA box each week. But some of your colleagues may have additional items in their boxes because they have “bulk purchased.” In other words, you can purchase additional bulk produce when they are available.

Q: What if someone took my box?

A: If your box is missing, please contact your site coordinator and Yao at yao@hmongfarmers.com as soon as possible. In accordance with the HAFA CSA Policies, if HAFA is at fault for a missing box or an item is not satisfactory, we will credit the dollar value of that item.

Q: Do I bring the CSA waxed box home?

A: You may bring your box home as long as you return the box to your pickup location before the next CSA delivery. At the time of the next CSA delivery, we will pick up the box from last week and give you the new CSA box. And we will keep switching boxes every week. But if you’re someone who has a lot going on (who doesn’t) and may be forgetful, we recommend that you do not take your box home and instead bring a bag or a tote to put the fresh produce in. There is a charge of $5 for every box that is not returned. Yikes!

Q: What will be in the box?

A: Every Friday before the CSA delivery, you will receive an e-newsletter that will have a list of the anticipated produce in your upcoming CSA box. However, most of the items for the HAFA CSA are harvested on early mornings to ensure the freshest quality, so there may be last minute substitutions according to availability.

Q: Do you have a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A: Yes, HAFA has a $4 million liability insurance policy.

Q: Who else buys yours produce?

A: The HAFA food hub has been selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers throughout the metropolitan area since 2012. In addition to the CSA, we sell to: Lunds & Byerlys, Mississippi Market Coop, Seward Coop, Ward6, Birchwood Café, Common Roots Café, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools, Hopkins Public Schools, Shakopee Public Schools, Ramsey and Washington Head Start, The Good Acre, and more!